Canete Rules!!!

Kind of a hommage to a buddy o' mine, Eric Canete, who's finally visiting us in Paris. He'll be here for a few days. His style is simply awesome!!! It's a wonder why no french editor has put the hook on him before he gets too busy working on monthly comics. Or get back to animation. He would be so impressive on a graphic-novel format - the kind french industry makes it: we call this an "album" - and could show to more people the full measure of his talent.

People get more and more aware of the artistic potential hidden within every animation teams. DVD bonuses, video games, magazines and the internet has allowed artist to display their personal art or their input in whichever big or small production work-in-progress they've been part of. Eric's no exception, I'm always amazed at the powerful energy that instantly catches a reader who would have a peek to his work for the first time. Heck, it still works on second view, and third, and...

So before he gets there, and because we both might work on some cool SW related stuff at some point soon, I decided to indulge into a little illustration of the few characters I can bare from the Extended Universe, or New Trilogy. Can't say I love it all - I'll always be a fan of the original universe, for nostalgic reasons, I guess, but also for undescribable character depiction you can't just find in the rest of the Star Wars franchise - but I can't say I hate it all either. There are some good things in what SW has become, especially in the clone wars animated stuff. Both traditional and CG.
Anyway, I just wanted to play a little bit with a different style - I sometimes draw like this when I want to relax from my published comic-book style. It's fast, it fun, it's dynamic. Maybe I should do more of these... Check this blog. Quien sabe?

3 commentaires:

  1. N'essaie pas. Fais le, ou ne le faies pas !

  2. Big fan of Eric too!
    This guy is a killer artist. Check out his IRON MAN, ENTER : THE MADARIN boys and girls, and his END LEAGUE issues.
    So, more SW sweetness to come from misters Roux and Canete?
    Call me excited!

  3. You're much, MUCH too kind, Stephane. I am not worthy of a whole entry on your blog. But I'd to thank you for your generosity as well as your friendship. And the next time we see each other, I'd like to shake your hand in order to give you my gratitude personally.

    I hope all is well and I will see soon, yes?