Kids teach you humility.

A year ago, I met two young fans at my friends Terri and Peter's home, in Glen Rock.

Well, to be honest I must admit only one out of two of the wonder twins was a huge Spider-man fan. I sat at the table - we were having dinner - and a little before the end of the meal, I saw two lovely blonde girls entering the room.

Not even impressed by the French ( Can you believe it? my charisma has a limit and it's cool that way. )
I was told it was Sylvie ( football Tee shirt ) who was a Spider-man fan. So I started to work my magic.

Hah! She didn't seem impressed at all! Ooooh, the irony...

Nevertheless, I know from experience how decisive a moment like this can be, when a grown up comes to you and says : " I remember when I was ten and you did that drawing in front of me..."

So I made sure I wouldn't crawl under a stone, should that piece show up in a few years on the internet. That's when little Michelle ( pink stripes ) granted me with a " Yeah, he's not too bad! "

Hahah! A good lesson in humility.

It's been a year almost day to day now, and I promised those little Angels I'd post the picture. I am so proud and happy to have you as fans, girls!

Oh yeah, here I thought I had made such a poor impression on the girls and I just learned that they met with Terri this week end... asking what had become of the comic book artist.

BIG HUGS to Sylvie and Michelle, and Terri!

Okay Peter, Big hug to you, too!

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  1. Une histoire touchante, vraiment. En même temps c'est mieux qu'un "tu sais pas dessiner comme dragon ball Z" lol ...et c'est du vécu !