Con Tour, Part I - Tour de Cons. 1ere partie.

Posting again, after a long while. I'll just mention that over the past two months, one was well occupied by roaming around the US to attend conventions. Let's start with Long Beach, which took place beginning of October. We had a lot of space, two tables for Eric Canete and me, which Jason takes care of. Displaying the sketchbooks, prints, and original art for fans to purchase.

I love attending to cons, because it's a good occasion to meet fans, of course, but also, gather with friends I've made over the years, in the U.S. Drawing sketches is almost always fun, and easy but knowing I'll hang out with buddies, artists or collectors alike, that's great! Never anticipated that would be the highlight of my trips, back in the days when I was struggling so hard in being a nobody in dat wonderful world of french animation! Hahaha!

Okay, so we're all set, and look who's working now? Eric and Jay. I'm judt playiong with the camera, right? That one was taken at the very beginning of the day, so it was starting slow... But usually, things get wild pretty fast for Eric and I. Lots of people on the sketch lists. So keep in mind to show up early if you want a piece from us...

Always the joker, Eric hides behind his art. Then again, don't we all?

A quick headsketch. with that new brush I bought shortly before arriving. It is so easy to use, the fluidity of lines, the quick textures I come up with makes this tool one of my favorite in a long time! I actually endend up drawing a lot of sketches thru out the cons, with this new tool - and therefore, a new style - but I was concerned the fans might be disturbed or upset by this change in my work. Fortunately, I have great fans.

Here is another example of what that pentel brush can do. It's been on the market for quite some time now, I had almost forgotten about such a wonderful tool. But getting back to live sketch, in the bus, bars , streets and such, I had to look for the perfect practical tool to express myself in a different way from a regular comic book page ( see the www.frenchbulldogstudio.com for that or my CAF page: http://www.comicartfans.com/GalleryDetail.asp?GCat=9211 ). cartridges when refill is needed. and Voilà!

I like this one vedy vedy much... Strong type, yet feminine. not the exactly the brainless bimbo...

The dream team! who could imagine behind those two actually hide Shaggy and Scooby? I'll explain later...

One of the sketches I did at the Hero Initiative booth. for those not familiar with the H.I check here http://www.heroinitiative.org/

I can't explain too much here, just keep in mind Eric seems to like disguising himself into Iconic characters of Pop Culture. Just remember I mentioned Shaggy and Scooby above. Pop culture because I've never seen him in the guise of Plato, or Rameses, or Sigmung Freud, but hey, the guy's full of surprise. Who knows? Anyway, with his white hooded sweater he cracked us up by making an impression of Princess Leïa sending coordinates to the Rebel alliance. Where does he get those zanny ideas? That matches the point of Eric's blog current banner: His brain's always in motion...

Okay guys, now that was an easy one... What is it with you americans and big french butts? Scott in Charlotte ( http://moulinroux.blogspot.com/2009/06/bon-alors-bien-sur-oh-riiiiight.html ) now Eric in Long Beach... Geez.

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