MockingBird origins pencils.

Pencils for an Origin page of a Marvel character. Fun to work on. Especially the Skrulls. I like it when I get to reshoot a scene that readers light have seen in the actual story with the characters. As on panel 4. This was made after Leinil Yu's secret invasion version. Trying to stay true to the original art and bring my own stuff in it. Hope I succeeded. I got Julien Hugonnard-Bert to ink this for Marvel. Not a new-comer but that is his first assignment for the House of Ideas. Watch it, True Believers, this guy might as well become the next great inker for the upcoming decade!

2 commentaires:

  1. Thanks a lot, Stéphane! You're making me blush! That's very nice of you! And that's fun to ink your pencils! Can't wait to work with you again!

  2. Great job Stéphane ! Can't wait to see the page inked by JHB !^^