Kids teach you humility.

A year ago, I met two young fans at my friends Terri and Peter's home, in Glen Rock.

Well, to be honest I must admit only one out of two of the wonder twins was a huge Spider-man fan. I sat at the table - we were having dinner - and a little before the end of the meal, I saw two lovely blonde girls entering the room.

Not even impressed by the French ( Can you believe it? my charisma has a limit and it's cool that way. )
I was told it was Sylvie ( football Tee shirt ) who was a Spider-man fan. So I started to work my magic.

Hah! She didn't seem impressed at all! Ooooh, the irony...

Nevertheless, I know from experience how decisive a moment like this can be, when a grown up comes to you and says : " I remember when I was ten and you did that drawing in front of me..."

So I made sure I wouldn't crawl under a stone, should that piece show up in a few years on the internet. That's when little Michelle ( pink stripes ) granted me with a " Yeah, he's not too bad! "

Hahah! A good lesson in humility.

It's been a year almost day to day now, and I promised those little Angels I'd post the picture. I am so proud and happy to have you as fans, girls!

Oh yeah, here I thought I had made such a poor impression on the girls and I just learned that they met with Terri this week end... asking what had become of the comic book artist.

BIG HUGS to Sylvie and Michelle, and Terri!

Okay Peter, Big hug to you, too!


Dejah Thoris Part 4

And ...it is complete! Ready for NYCC, right on time.

A close up view, for the technicians...

I call this one " Marching Martians ".


Dejah Thoris Part 3

Here is a commission that will be available at NYCC. It IS NOT DONE, but I can't resist the opportunity to show it here, as a work in progress, since the pencils are already on that blog ...

Voici une autre des commissions preparees pour la convention de New York. Alors oui, bon, elle est pas finie... Mais je la presente quand meme parce que je ne resiste pas au plaisir de lire commentaires, toujours aussi nombreux et constructifs sur ce blog! et puis le crayonne etant deja la, je me suis dit que vous mourriez d'impatience de voir la suite... Sisi, je me suis dit ca...

La grosse commission de l'automne, part 2

Nothing beats going back to traditionnal painting. So so much fun, struggle, pain and fun!
Rien de tel que de remettre les mains dans le cambouis! ca a ete dur, mais je me suis e-cla-te!

It is done. Now I can get myself prepared for NYCC.
Bon maimtenant, faut se preparer pour New York!


Autumn commission/ La grosse commission de l'automne...

Hi guys,

Here is a work in progress of a commission long awaited. I wanted to wait for the last week before delivery to show it here. Ze tease in me, again...
It's always very tricky for me to get back to traditionnal painting, because I am not very patient when it comes to see what the piece is going to look like.
I guess I got used to the quick result a blend of fancy computer FX and textures can do on a scanned line art, as opposed to a piece like this one, which takes time if you want it to reflect your level of skills as well as the different moods you were in throughout the whole process.
My only hope is that it doesn't show too much of the struggle I went through with the likeness, the lighting, the textures, etc...

Make no mistake, I'm struggling on a piece like this!
Not because of the foliage - so many tiny leaves to avoid when painting the different layers that help define the volumes and shape of the body - but more because of my impatience.
As it happens, way too often, I didn't do any prelim.
It is my curse, that impatience.
I feel I would get over so many obstacles - anticipated or not - if I DID what I keep suggesting any aspiring artist to do. Spending time on prelims, to solve possible composition struggles, to anticipate the possible wrong message this color conveys, associated with this other.
When it comes to being alone at my drawing table, with anyone else but me to work with, I just don't feel like going through the whole game of prelims. As much as I like it when I work with a team - let's say, in the animation industry, for example, where it is more of a team effort - I have no problem exchanging views, drawings, ideas, concepts, before getting to the final work. Well, the final work doesn't reflect your personal touch too often, either, in animation, but that is another story...
So anyway, what happens is I'm usually too aware of everything that is already brewing in my brain, ready to spill on the piece i'm doinf alone, in my studio. Alone. with no one to talk to me and say: " Look what I sketched. You might want to go and start again from what I did, since you seem stuck!". Stuck.
Alone. But I can't help it, when I work ( alone ) it feels like: giving it away beforehand, on a prelim, would be lost.

At the same time, it'a a subtle and complex process, because I don't HAVE the image clearly there, in my head, before I even start drawing it. Of course I get a sharper view of what it's going to look like, as I get more shapes, and then details, layed out along the way, but I also try stay opened to what my mood will throw in - at the last minute - to keep the whole object very " alive ", almost on an organic level...
As the piece is going through its very unique full growth, the expansion of it is as much the result of a thought-out subject, as it is of a " go with the flow " philosophy.
Again, it's something I try to keep in balance through the whole building process. But it takes a lot of energy I KNOW I should put somewhere else, sooner, in the whole creative strategy, to achieve a greater piece.

I am just afraid I might get bored putting the finishes on something that misses the raw energy I put on the prelim, or the attempt to render this part of a piece with subtlety or shyness - a quick color wash and voila! - that I might achieve on the color study... I feel like I won't be able to reproduce it or make it as great!
Let's face it, I am a coward. And I'm lazy. I know people wouldn't say or think that of me ( What? Come oooon, Guys! )... But it's there. Just on a deeper, more concealed level.

I rely too much on my memory, and my growing experience, but I can tell it's taking so much of the focus I could use to achieve greater images. Lazy coward.

I am not saying at all I don't like a piece like this! It has a special meaning for the person who commissioned it and I try to make it a personal thing too, everytime. Don't get me wrong! This one is no exception. I just wish I could fight more efficiently that old bad habit o' mine ( Lazy cowaaaaaaaard! ) and deliver a greater piece.

Hopefully, this piece not being finished yet will allow me to change that.

Sometimes, laying it all down, putting words on it, makes it all a bit easier.

So yeah, this blog is my therapy ... So what?


Ca fait un bail.../It's been some time...

Hi faithfull followers!

Hard to deal with a jet set lifestyle, a daily job AND a bunch of web sites to update! Even worse when you lost the passwords...

But I ain't complainin'! Jes hope the goodies I'm bringing here will satisfy yer appetite. A little work in progress for you guys, whether you're pervs or prudish ( are there any here, really? )

This here work in progress of a commission is from a character I am asked to draw more and more these days - Dejah Thoris, a princesse of Mars, love interest of John Carter, a confederate captain that is magically transported to Mars...

Dude, I dunno what this Edgar Rice Burroughs was smoking back in 1912, but it was the real deal!

Okay, let's cup ... errrr... Cut! Cut! CUT to the chase, and remind the visitor that a Dejah Thoris piece was already posted some time ago, on this very blog! Aaaaah technology, my friend...

So I like to tease! So what? This Dejah Thoris piece, once completed, will be available at NYCC in a week. along with a few other stuff, such as a Red Sonja or a Vampirella, as well as a Magdalena.

Hope you like the art!

Salut les fideles,

Dur de gerer une vie de jet-setter et une activite professionelle ET trois ou quatre sites en meme temps! Pire encore quand on a perdu les mots de passes!
Mais enfin, je ne cherche pas a me faire plaindre, j'espere juste que le biscuit que j'apporte calmera la faim de tous ceux - et ils sont nombreux, je le sais! - qui guettent avec une assiduite qui force le respect, la mise a jour de ce blog, que les americains nous envie ( en fait, ils s'en foutent! )

Anyways, comme on dit dans la langue de Cervantes, voici un petit " en cours de fabrication " qui ravira les plus obsedes d'entre vous et fera pousser des cris d'orfraie aux plus pudibonds ( Ah bon, y'en a ici? Dommage... )

Ce dessin represente un personnage qu'on me demande de plus en plus souvent - et quand on ne me le demande pas, je le dessine aussi, la preuve! - Dejah Thoris, une princesse de Mars, interet amoureux du heros des aventures martiennes de John Carter, capitaine de l'armee confederee americaine assez bizarrement transporte la bas...donc.

Je sais pas ce qu'il fumait, Edgar Rice Burroughs, en 1912, mais apparement c'etait de la bonne came!

Bon, pour revenir a nos mel... moutons, precisons juste qu'il y a sur ce blog un post plus ancien relatif a une edition personelle de ce meme ouvrage ou apparait Dejah Thoris pour la premiere fois.

Ceci est un avant-gout des commissions que je compte proposer a la convention de New York, dans une semaine.

En attendant, " Enjoie! " comme on dit encore en castillan!