Rocket Science Comics. Part 1

Hello ever-growing-number-of-fans-on-this-blog yous!

Here is a pencil version of a drawing that will be apearing in a glamour girls book I am working on. I'll keep you posted on the completion of the book and some of the art to be featured in. Not all of them, as you understand I want YOU to buy this book, when it's out. ;)

It has a few nods to many of my favorite things. First of all, my very best friend is the model for this one. My all time inspiration when it comes to good girl art. She and I have hauled a long way, working together on many images thru out my professional carrier. I will never pay hommage enough to how inspirational she has been and hopefully will keep on being, during all those years.
Then my inconditional love for Frenchbulldogs! Hell, my website says it all, right?
The title for the issue is a nod to one of my favorite movies from Bollywood. K3G, for those who are in the know, Kabhi Kushi Kabbie Gham for the rest of you. I found the name, which translate to something like moonlight square market sounded like that of a distant other world, so I just decided to use it. Can't get more exotic than this.
Finally, my passion for everything from the 40's/50's era, when it comes to science fiction and adventure!

A perfect blend, I 'd say! I hope it shows...

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