Poker Nite at Heroescon...

Yeah, I know, this could be anything else, too.. those guys are not even holding cards! You'd think the evening was a drag, when it was actually cool! How can it be otherwise with this crowd anyway?

Bon, alors...Patrick Bruel a pas pu venir, mais les potes etaient là, donc on s'est bien marré! Moi, le Poker, J'y entrave que dalle... alors j'ai fais ce que je sais faire le mieux... Dormir!

3 commentaires:

  1. Hey, man, great getting to talk to you a little this past weekend. Let's do it more next time.

  2. That's not my husband across from Adam is it? OR is that Ben?

  3. Okay so my husband (Josh) informed me that I clearly do not know what he looks like if I thought that might be him. I may be getting a divorce soon. ;P