comedian promo poster

I was approached, thru a common friend, by two comedians, to work on their promotional poster for a famous french summer festival. After a few drinks in a café, with the two crazy and insanely funny guys, I started to throw a few ideas on paper. The pencils you see above where done in a café, waiting for them on a second meeting.
This served as a test, since they had so many great ideas. I would push this one a little further and see if it worked.
Their sense of humour is mostly based on non-sense. The caption under the "Loïc and Seb save Willy" goes " Come on, l'il Squirrel... Fly!" They liked the rendition of their concept, but to be honest, we agreed it looked too much like a comic book cover. That could misguide the audience. Plus they came back with a bunch of new ideas, as fun as this one. I had worked on concepts too, and proposed this art below. They liked it, but not as much...

... As this one - which was their idea - which happened to be also my favorite.
They decided later to change the color chart to red instead of blue, for the type, but I think this one works better.

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